Pentillie Castle - Pentillie Castle, Cornwall

06 November 2014

Marley Comms were recommended to Pentillie Castle, we were asked to look at the beautiful stately home, now a very special boutique hotel and in particular the Wi-Fi system, which was extremely inadequate for their customer’s needs.

In today’s age of smart phones, tablets and laptops which have no wired Ethernet port a standard network connection does not suffice.
When we met and discussed their Wi-Fi there were about three hot-spots already in the hotel which were sparsely distributed giving occasional signal, most of the bedrooms were not covered at all.

As anyone who hasn’t had Wi-Fi for 5 minutes in this day and age can appreciate this was a frustration for the guests and for the Pentillie staff who were consistently in request of it.

As with any hospitality business a steady and consistent wireless internet platform is of paramount importance to their sales.
We know from personal experience that when booking hotels or conference facilities we check that there is a viable Wi-Fi connection in the public areas and the rooms, in actual fact we would prefer an internet connection to a mobile telephone signal as we can cope “that way around”. We also know we are not alone in this decision and that it is a prerequisite for most of the population.

After a lengthy survey carried out by our expert team we identified the ideal locations for the latest N-Type wireless access points to be placed throughout the exceptional building and we devised that a new Cat5e 1GB LAN network would be needed to a handful of the designated wireless access points as they would need to be carefully installed in the roof space to gain maximum coverage, these were connected back to the 1st floor hub where they would be powered from a local data switch using POE technology (Power Over Ethernet) this essentially meant that each N type wireless access point deployed throughout the building would be powered over its own data cable saving on expensive electrical socket installations in the designated areas.

We quoted with detailed drawings and a method statement, to which Pentillie were delighted and we were invited to fulfill their request to cover their stunning property with the latest wireless technology.

As you can appreciate with such an outstanding property it had to be installed to exacting standards and out of sight of guests, we installed the new wireless access points out of the way and all the wiring we needed to complete the job was hidden. We also made sure that during our installation we were only in the areas occupied by the guests during the day when they were generally outside enjoying the beautiful surrounding Cornish countryside.

Since the first day of installation the whole of Pentillie Castle has benefited from a complete and secure Wi-Fi system which enhances the stay of the guests and of course this has helped Pentillie Castle to confidently assure their prospective guests that they now have a full wireless internet solution should they require it.

We now support Pentillie’s new Wi-Fi system and we are constantly on call should a situation arise where there is an issue and we also support any firmware or software upgrades that are needed to maintain a current system, with today’s iOS and Android solutions changing so rapidly, it is imperative that we keep the managed wireless internet system up to date so these exciting new advances in technology can work seamlessly with Pentillie’s wonderful new state of the art Wi-Fi solution.

As a result of our installation and continued support Sammie Coryton of Pentillie Castle commented:

“Working with Marley Comms has been a very easy experience. Not only have they fixed our Wi-Fi issues (and some phone ones while they were at it), they have been a pleasure to deal with, and have worked with us to find a suitable and cost effective solution within a very efficient time frame.”

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