We provide a full fibre optic installation and repair facility with a highly trained engineering workforce


If you have a requirement for a multi mode or single mode fibre installation, then please get in touch. Marley Comms have full fusion splice and testing capability. There is no substitute for a fibre optic cable in resilience or flexibility to deliver the network speeds you need at the speed of light..!

24/7 365 Fibre Repairs

We offer a 24/7 365 call out facility for most of our services, we also offer this for our fibre optic repair facility. We appreciate how urgent a broken fibre can be so we are always on hand to assist day or night. Please call us for a quote.

Fibre Optic

Is what really makes things tick and is a real asset to any network whether large or small; it is essentially a light pipe which allows the transfer of data via the medium of light. There are two main version of a fibre optic cable:

Multi-Mode Fibre Optic

This is generally used in smaller installations as the light is transmitted by LED which is a more cost effective method. The only disadvantage of this medium is the distance the light can travel.

Single mode Fibre Optic

Is a laser light fibre optic solution and is generally used in much larger operations such as broadband and telecom delivery over vast distances.

We are used to dealing with both types of Fibre Optic cables at Marley Comms and we have a dedicated team of specialists who can help with smaller Multi Mode systems or indeed the Single mode fibre optic cables we mentioned.

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