Business Voice and Data Networks

Here at Marley Comms we offer a highly qualified bespoke network and infrastructure design, implementation and maintenance service. We can offer a full Molex assured 25 year warranty on our first class data services. The quality of your data network is the backbone of any business. No matter how good your hardware is, if the infrastructure isn’t up to scratch then your systems will fail. Whether that is simple telephone wiring, a computer data network or a fibre optic cable solution.

Whether it is just one Ethernet cable connection you require at home or a full fibre optic backbone in your business, we are certainly the company to assist you.

Here are some of the key copper and fibre networks we install and maintain:


Is probably the most common type of network cabling available and is readily used in today’s office and home environments. Cat5e cabling, when installed correctly is an extremely durable, reliable and cost effective data communication network. The technical aspects of this cable are that it provides performance up to 100 MHz and is used for 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX (Fast Ethernet) and 1000BASE-T which is gigabit Ethernet – Marley Comms offer a full Molex assured 25 year warranty on any installation.


Is the standard cabling for a gigabit Ethernet network, although Cat5e is perfectly suited to gigabit Ethernet applications, Category 6 cabling has more stringent guidelines for system noise and cross talk levels. Cat6 can be used for all Cat5e data protocols as listed above and can be used for 10GBASE-T (10GB) networks, although as it is rated for 250 MHz it can only be used for 10GB over distances of 30 – 55 meters – Marley Comms also offer a full Molex 25 year warranty on any installation of this type.


Is suitable for 10 gigabit copper data networks and it can be sent from its source up to 100 meters and is rated at 500 MHz, this is also backward compatible to any of the previously mentioned network protocols. – Marley Comms offer a full design, implementation and maintenance service on any of our data networks.

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