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At the office, home or mobile, either in a café or at an airport, at a hotel or just having a bite to eat. Everybody wants a wireless connection, not just any wireless connection but one that works at a steady speed and one that works consistently.

There are a lot of factors required in the set up and installation of a decent wireless network and not all are easily identifiable to you as a consumer.

It would be very easy to go and buy a few WAP’s (Wireless Access Points) and stick an unsecured patchy wireless network in but some factors need to be considered first:

  • Does your gateway to the internet (your modem) have enough capability to provide a sustainable connection
  • Do you have the relevant security between networks?
  • Is there enough security on the wireless you are broadcasting?
  • Are there any black spots, created by your surroundings?
  • Are the WAPS installed onto a shielded network? This is especially important for a factory running a lot of machines on a factory floor.
  • Has a competent and reputable company surveyed your premises and gone through the options with you?
  • Have you considered what your colleagues or the public are viewing and whether you are liable to prosecution as the owner of the internet feed?

These are just a few examples of what is required for you to make a decision on your new wireless network.

Here at Marley Comms we can design and install your Wi-Fi (wireless network service) and we specialise in small localised networks right through to the larger corporate or hospitality systems. Well-maintained, stable Wi-Fi networks are key to the success of any business or home and we can provide you with this.

We can assess your requirements with a survey, please ask one of us if you would like to know more.

Here are a few of the services we offer

Management of internet traffic through singular or multiple gateways (Modems)

  • Security on the wireless radio transmission and on the network
  • Managed and unmanaged Wi-Fi services – We can explain the pros and cons
  • Guest and Admin Wi-Fi services
  • Wireless internet guest billing systems
  • Guest billing
  • Front of House integration for Hotels
  • Network installation and support
  • We will help to reduce costs across your business
  • Bespoke maintenance agreements for your peace of mind
  • Financing available on request
  • Rented or purchased wireless systems
  • Threat Management Systems
  • Content lock and management systems – To stop malicious content from being displayed

WiFi Marketing Integration

Marley Comms now partners with Beambox - With Beambox, you can now integrate with your existing Ubiquiti Unifi system to give powerful marketing and analytical tools to your organisation. With these tools Beambox makes it easy to target customers to increase customer return rates with one-off and automated email campaigns. 

  • New Guest - send an automated email saying hey to invite them back
  • Loyal Guest - reward them for their commitment 
  • Lost Guest - Bring them back through the door with an incentive
  • Upcoming birthday - send an automated email telling them where to spend their birthday

Review Automator uses Interactions to send perfectly-timed review emails to your guests after they visit your venue for the first time. Deflect negative reviews, gain valuable guest experience insights and automatically push positive ratings to your Google, TripAdvisor and Facebook.

When on the landing page we can direct customers to follow social media pages and direct them toward promotional URLs after logging in. 

Please watch the video below for more information and if you'd like a demo please contact us today! 

All new integrations come with a free month. Don't like it? Cancel with zero penalty. 

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