Hawksfield - Cornwall

01 July 2018

Hawksfield is a creative and dynamic hot spot for eating, shopping, art, events and more located on the Atlantic Highway in Cornwall.

There are several businesses on site and each originally had their own broadband connection, however speeds were very slow. This was causing issues across the whole site and companies which were established there were not renewing their leases due to connectivity issues.

Marley Comms identified a solution and had a leased line installed to site giving a 100MB single mode fibre connection directly to the exchange. This was then distributed amongst the businesses ensuring they all had a guaranteed 10Mbps download and upload. Where cabling was not possible Marley Comms implemented several wireless bridges to ensure a solid connectivity across site.

Each business was set up on their own VLAN network allowing them there own security and protection of their networks and data. This also allowed monthly billing to be set to each business individually.

A guest WIFI network was also added to site ensuring that all visitors could attend all business on site without losing connectivity.This guest network is logically separated to ensure security of the business networks.

We installed centrally managed routers, switches, and access points throughout which have remote management that allow these devices keep us informed and automatically log faults with our service desk should they occur. This allows our engineers to proactively monitor and fix any issues before they become a problem for the vast amount of clients and visitors.

Marley Comms also installed IP CCTV to the Hawksfield site which was installed to aid security to all of the businesses.These devices can be accessed remotely by the client at any time so they can monitor via the internet anywhere in the world.

Hawksfield now have a 21st century solution and planning on the next stage which is to supply a VoIP solution across the board, this will in turn save money and gives Hawksfield a one stop shop for their communications & network.

Want to know more about Hawksfield -http://hawksfieldcornwall.com/

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