Ugbrooke House - Newton Abbot

18 March 2015

It is not often you get to visit a property that was mentioned in the doomsday book. Let alone be asked to look at bringing 21st Century technology to such a beautiful residential property. We were indeed honoured to be chosen by Lord Clifford as the company to bring a state of the art wireless internet system to the whole premises.

When initially contacted by Alexander Clifford to look at the premises on their behalf it looked like a monumental task to bring a blanketed wireless internet system to this residential and business premise.

After a careful survey and planning phase we submitted a detailed quote to Ugbrooke House taking into account any questions or queries the customer had. The job was to be done in a manner that was in keeping with the house, respectfully and professionally.

The main house has three wings around a central courtyard all of which is listed, it also houses a beautiful library which is situated to one side of the courtyard as well as a beautiful conservatory and a church, yes a church quite unexpectedly hides behind a false book case door.

Our challenges here were to make sure that everything was hidden from sight as the house is open to the public as well and we wouldn’t want to spoil anyone’s view of such a prolific and stunning property.

Needless to say our team of expert engineers excelled themselves and ran a network of data cables through voids, basements and through lofts to all the previously identified key areas required to fulfil this property with a new N Type 300mbps wireless internet system.

To get to all of the areas that required cabling we needed to install a sub-cabinet to keep within the parameters of data transmission protocols. From the two cabinets we installed POE (Power Over Ethernet) data switches to allow us to situate the wireless access points exactly where we needed them, giving the house the best coverage available from the areas which were hidden from view.

The whole system has been a great success and Alexander Clifford said of the installation:

“Professional and respectful. Marley Comms from word go got on with the installation, allowing the business to run without any interruption, whilst overcoming the challenges of the job at hand.

I would recommend them to anyone.”  

We are understandably proud of our achievement to bring such a unique solution to such a beautiful property and we are very proud to have our name alongside that of Ugbrooke House .

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